Narki the druid by Narki
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Black Scar ( Flurry )
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Narki's Arena Team 1
Наркии Килларт
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My Youtube channel -

Hello everybody!
This is my first movie and its some kind of an experiment to show ACTION in restoration druid gameplay, so don`t be strict.

I`m s3,4,6,7,8 glad.

Youtube channel -

Movie contains only arena, 2v2 (with Frost DK).
Why 2v2 you may ask? First of all i wanted it=)
Also at the start of the season druid role in 3v3 was - spam heal broccoli, and there was not much entertainment, while in 2v2 you can play offensive and dynamic games. Also I don`t play in fotm setups, so i`m waiting for the patch, where 3v3 games will become more
interesting, i hope.

So 3v3 movie is in my further plans, in 4.0.6.

What not to expect? - GayTree lame long fights.
What to expect? - Dynamic arena clips with resto druid offensive plystyle and agressive music (wrath spam!).

Youtube links:

1 part -
2 part -

I hope you enjoy :)

PS: It is strongly recommended to watch movie with its soundtrack and in HQ.
(Yes, this movie is entertaining only with this music, because if you play mostly offensive and fast - music should be appropriate)

Track list:

- Blue Stahli - Corner (RTPN remix)
- Disarmonia Mundi - Quicksand Symmetry
- Ensiferum - Token on time
- Spineshank - Asthmatic
- RTPN - Blinded
- Celldweller - symbiont

armory -

addons - (no loose control)

My Youtube channel -
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