Koshi Death and Divinity 5 by Koshi
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Yes, I've finally finished Koshi Death and Divinity 5, You might wonder where 4 went off to, I had a huge amount of problems with Death and Divinity 4's release, so I plan to release it as a WinRAR file on Filefront or something similar. But, Enough about that.

Koshi Death and Divinity 5 features:
1. Ganking in its immediant form. (Do I care if they're geared, kinda. Do I care if it looks skilled, nah not really. Should it all be just for fun? -- Sure right on the money, it should be.
2. Features patch 4.0.3a and 4.0.6 PVP (mostly in Tol Barad areas.)
3. What type of extra editing was used? Very little Wow Model viewer was used and absolutely no Wow Map viewer was used due to the fact that the program no longer functions properly.

Addons used:
None, unless you count recount as something major.

Talent specializations:
31/2/8 and 10/0/31

Questions that might arise:

Q: Why is it so short?
A: Yes, its short. But, its only short because your average fight is no longer 10 seconds long anymore they are roughly 30 - 35 seconds long, depending on the class you're fighting and how much resil theyr'e rocking.

Q: You used a pot against the Rogue and the SPriest, you fucking suck.
A: ^ Not caring.

Q: How much Resillience did you have?
A: Roughly 1950 - 2200 throughout the whole video.

Q: What type of gear choices did you make?
A: I Decided to go with a mix and match of PVE gear, the PVE gear being 2 set T11, which gave +5% Crit to Backstab and Mutilate, while I missed out on the 4 set PVP Gear, Pants offered 228 Mastery which for an Assassination build, that is a fairly nice bonus to have, while 5% Crit was just a mere bonus.

Q: Why did you decide to do a majority of your PVP In Tol Barad areas?
A: Well, its sort of like IQD (Isle of Quel'Denas) was back in BC, I liked that kind of environment. Its a nice place to just enjoy pure ganking ^_^

Q: Why do you shadowstep when you arent Vanished or In a Shadow dance state?
A: Habit.

Q: Why so much dubstep?
A: Felt like trying something new, all of my past videos were majorly assassination built.
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