Exploration in 1.9/1.10 by Betterluck
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Movie Summary
Simply as the title says. Exploration in 1.9/1.10.

Places Shown...
-Deadmines Extras
-Hyjal World Tree
-Ironforge Airport
-Old Ironforge
-Caverns of Time
-Dancing Troll Village
-Alcaz Island
-Under Orgrimmar
-Wetlands Stables (Eye Candy like IF Airport)

Random Places Include
-Alcaz Island (Mentioned Above)
-Outside Teldrassil
-On Top of Gadgetzan Inn
-Ironforge Explorer's Flag

Places Not Shown..
In some cases I forgot to turn fraps on or just didnt put some stuff in the movie, such as...

-Map showing char in the Stormwind City Crest
-Hyjal Future Instance
-Unfinished in Wetlands

Hope you enjoy it!!

Sorry about the editing, I know it could be better, but it's my first video....
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