Flaw 4 by Flaw
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Archimonde ( Stormstrike )
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Flaw's Arena Team 1
Undo Kavar Skwisgaar
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Hello and welcome to the 4th installment of the Flaw Shadow Dance series! Still inspired by all the rogues of the past (Perklunt,Grim,Eryx,Viral, Akrios,Unmercey etc) and also some of the rogues of today (Khuna, Reckful), but I'd like to do a little inspiring of my own, or at the very least entertain you.

Sorry for the wait, I wanted to make sure I had a consistent set of gear and a consistent patch to record on. Also my computer has recently been upgraded so this video was recorded on the highest possible settings at 60fps, as well as rendered at the highest quality. As a result expect a large file size if you download it. (Which I suggest)

For those of you with a short attention span, if you insist on skimming through my movie goto 15:30. I feel like thats the strongest scene personally.

What to expect-
World PvP (sorry for the Tol Barad footage, world pvp is hard to come by)
1vN against lesser geared/skilled players. (Like I've said in the past, if they were good I wouldn't be able to 1v2 them, let alone 1v5, and movies like this wouldn't exist.)

Decently rated arena - RLS 3v3. (We hit 2400 so far with every intention of climbing higher) Thats not to say I feel like 2400 is an accomplishment, but theres a general misconception that people who enjoy world pvp cant arena.

Shadow Dance PvP on 4.0.6 Patch.

100% Original Soundtrack. (To my knowledge)

What not to expect-
Duels (although there is 1)


Over the top cheesy editing. I honestly don't feel like editing this anymore than I did would enhance the video in any way, and in some cases I feel like it would take away.

Unmercey. To my knowledge hes in China and no longer playing WoW... hopefully that will change.

Flawless play. I'm not Reckful, and I'm ok with that.


Songlist- (although every song is listed as they begin)
Kent- Revolt III
Julian Plenti - Only if you run
Foster the people- Pumped up kicks
Middle Class Rut- New Low
Fences- Girls with Accents

Feedback is always welcome. Please be constructive if you insist on criticizing. I always do my best to respond to every comment, good or bad. This video is no exception.

In case you couldn't tell, I was mocking our RLS comp, not gloating. Humility is a quality I take pride in.

Add-On's consist of
Omni CC

Please vote for me for top skilled. I highly doubt ill win but its nice to even be considered.

Against my better judgement, a lot of people want to know a bit about me and my taste in music. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1109049346
please dont make me regret this.
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