Battle:SW by Bensaret
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The calm of a typical day in Stormwind is cut short by the arrival of something sinister from the heavens. A new, unstoppable foe has fallen to Azeroth, invading all corners of the globe, destroying all it encounters. This new threat is called... the Zerg.

A scene-by-scene remake of the trailer for Battle Los Angeles, featuring the forces of World of Warcraft and StarCraft facing off against one another! Fight for your survival!

Tools used: WoW model viewer, After Effects, Action Essentials 2, Adobe Premiere (Final Cut Pro for Windows, essentially), and 3DS Max. You can view more of my vids on my YouTube channel at .

I couldn't get the WoW terrain viewer to work so all the landcapes were taken in-game. This vid took about three weeks and was a load of fun to put together. Enjoy!

And for those of you who want to see the original Battle Los Angeles trailer to compare, you can see it on YouTube at . The song used is called "The Sun's Gone Dim" by Johann Johannsen.
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