Mitz in Privates by Mitzter
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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The WCM stream doesn't work for some odd reason, so you'd have to watch this movie using my youtube stream.

Hey everyone.
Since I was quite bored, I decided to make a short movie for I wasn't supposed to upload this movie on WCM(Since I didn't spend an awful lot of time on it, and it being on a PRIVATE server), but I just thought I'd share it with you guys aswell.
Its for entertainment purposes only, as I didn't work on it seriously. If I had, I would have shown some "better" opponents.

I'm not willing to share on which private server this was frapsed on.

It took me around 2-3 days in total to make the entire movie, including editing, footage gathering and rendering. I was playing on a private server where everyone has access to the best gear available, that being S8 and T10 so you wont see me outgearing people. There are one or two editing mistakes towards the end, but I just didn't feel like wasting 3 hours rendering in order to fix a simple mistake. I was playing with 180-200 ms which equals to around 400-500 ms on retail servers. I hope you enjoy.

This movie includes:
Me playing as a Mage and a Rogue
A couple of 2v1 arenas
Dueling two fire mages with a different playstyle against my rogue's HARP(0/44/27) spec, also known as the mage killer spec during TBC.
Me Abusing a GCD macro for "the lulz"

What this movie doesn't include:
Extremely good players (Except for the duels)
Outgearing people
A "bug free" private server

If you have something against:
-Private servers
-My music taste
Then this movie is not for you.

Haste the Day - White Collar
The Legion of Doom - Hands down Gandhi
Innerpartysystem - Die Tonight live forever

Special thanks to:
Fiqure(for adopting part of his rogue playstyle )
BEBEP and everyone else at

You can subscribe to my youtube page for any future movies I release which I probably will not post on WCM
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