DUEL (A Stonemaul Tournament) by cynae
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stonemaul ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
DUEL is a video covering the dueling tournament that happened over the first weekend of April on US Stonemaul. Some amazing PVPers showed up to the event and some great duels were fought.

Players that attended were:
Abusedgoat - Human Rogue
Adnachiel - Orc Shaman
Belvedeer - Night Elf Hunter
Detonater - Blood Elf Deathknight
Dora - Goblin Hunter
Fatelol - Undead Rogue
Gumshot - Blood Elf Rogue
Inkind - Undead Warlock
Kaidiyy - Night Elf Rogue
Odikinz - Blood Elf Warlock
Poorguy - Human Mage
Psychz - Blood Elf Mage
Raspberry - Human Mage
Saltynuts - Tauren Hunter
Szszszszszsz - Night Elf Druid
Venusnuranus - Goblin Mage

Music (In order of appearance):
Crush 'em - Megadeth
Nothing Box - Hypnogaja
The Last Fight - Bullet for my Valentine
Only Inhuman - Sonic Syndicate
Pathfinder - Van Canto ( \m/ Acapella Metal \m/ lol)
Meduzz - Infected Mushroom
Pirate Victory Song

Note: I did the commentary myself and I know my voice isn't exactly exciting but I did what I could :P I also know about the few glitches in the movie but fixing them now would take about 12 hours of rendering. There's a bit in there that had about 30 video layers that took FOREVER to render :P

This video was another learning experience and a blast to record and make (except the part where the first 10 hour rendering flickered a whole bunch) and I hope to be able to do more stuff like this in the future.

Hope you enjoy(ed)!
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