DHK Warrior Keybinds by Quidproquo
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Abilities a Warrior should keybind (w/ my personal binds included that you may use as a starter setup or something to get a frame of reference to set your own unique binds).

My Talent Spec:

I don't get Sudden Death because I typically save Deadly Calm for when I execute spam and don't need the rage retention; furthermore, the window of time that you can use Colossus Smash from the Sudden Death proc is so small that I feel that its somewhat wasted. I talent 2/2 Rude Interruption because I don't always land interrupts every time my Pummel comes off cooldown, so the longer duration of bonus damage helps in that regard.


Alternative Talent Choices:

You can drop 2 points out of War Academy to get Blitz (see 1st Tier)

You could opt to get Incite (1st Tier Prot) instead of Improved Slam, and drop 1 point from Rude Interruption (2nd Tier Fury) to get 3/3 of Incite.

Skeleton Talent Spec:


For the 3rd Major Glyph you can choose between Spell Reflection and Rapid Charge; personally I more often have mobility issues more so than getting reflects off in time, and so I choose Rapid Charge, but if you're often CC'd more than kited, Spell Reflection Glyph may be more suitable.

For the 3rd Minor Glyph you choose either Battle or Command Glyph, select the one for the shout you use in PvP. If you run with a Priest, then you'd be using Battle, but if you run with a Death Knight, you'd be using Command, so keep that sort of thing in mind as well.

Notable Talents to Choose (for your skeleton spec):

Blitz - Its good for the extra rage and stuns, but I'm not a particular fan because of the shared Diminishing Return on stun effects that it starts on other opponents.

Improved Slam - I feel that Slam is a much better rage dump than Heroic Strike and deals just as much damage as your primary abilities; having a cast time melee attack can take some getting used to though.

Sudden Death - Its excellent if you use Deadly Calm prior to the Execute range and have no issues using the Colossus Smash procs in the short window of time that you acquire it, but I feel the talents are wasted because of Warrior mobility and how short a time you have to actually use the Colossus Smash it gives you.

Rude Interruption - A great talent with 1 or 2 points, can't go wrong with this one.

Incinte - It isn't as great as it used to be since they nerfed Heroic Strike damage, but if you don't like using Slam as a rage dump, this is a good choice in talents.
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