Endac Vs. vol 4 - Sapphiron (10) by endac
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Sargeras ( Shadowburn )
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Endac vs. Sapphiron (10man)

My 4th installment is tackling a slightly more difficult encounter that requires strict management of defensive CDs and a little luck during kiting and hopefully avoiding enough crits from the boss. Nowhere to run. No LoS. No outside help.

- The reason I was kiting him around the room like this was because sometimes I could fully avoid an attack by being slightly out of the boss range in the middle of its swing timer. It also gives me extra precious seconds for CDs to come back and Recuperate to tick when the boss is moving to and from the center of the room on phase transitions.

- All buffs are self buffs. The "kings" buff is the Leatherworking Drums of Forgotten Kings to deal with the event's spell damage a bit.

- The mage you see in the video was just part of the raid group I needed to form to enter the dungeon, and was nice enough to stay in the raid in the event that I died and needed a run back. Restarting this fight if I feel like I'm dead is slightly difficult as the room's frost pulse can knock me back into combat and reaggro the boss.

Songs used:
Dope - Addiction
InnerPartySystem - Don't Stop
Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero

Hope you all enjoy!

As usual, any suggestions for further solo's are welcomed.
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