Nortrom 1 - Satanic by Nortrom
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shadow Moon ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
This is my first PvP video (be gentle on the ratings). This has been an ongoing project over quite some time so it includes footage from several patches and my gear improves significantly throughout the video. The fight with the warrior in the cave was something I did to prove I could do it. I wanted to find one of the most challenging 1v1 fights which I would have a low chance at winning. When I learned from general chat that there was an Undead Warrior walking around in a cave I knew it was my perfect opportunity. I equipped a set of all blues (with some greens), removed Death Coil from my action bars, and set out to fight an Undead Warrior in a cramped area. The file is somewhat large for the duration but I did this to increase bitrate and resolution quality, which I felt was more important than the size of the file.

Special thanks goes out to Jamaz and Drakedog for the inspiration to make this video. Also a great thanks to my guild and all my friends that helped make this video possible.

Builds used:
19/32/0 (Soul Link/Nightfall)
30/0/21 (Shadow Mastery/Ruin)
5/6/40 (Heavy Destruction)

Mods used:

Programs used:
World of Warcraft
Windows Movie Maker

I'm just learning how to use Sony Vegas now so my next release will probably be made with Vegas..
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