Noaa 1 - ft. Ziqo, Flyn and more! - Arena Tournament by Noaa
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Skullcrusher ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Noaa's Arena Team 1
Ziqo (frost) Noaa (shadow)
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Hey everyone! I've been working on this small project for a while now and figured I might as well release it, even though large parts of it contains OLD footage. You'll see gladiusframes being clicked in the first few games, however please do notice how I evolve into binding everything, something you'll see more of in upcoming movies.

First off I'd like to inform you that I am indeed playing at, a server widely known for its competition and 3v3 tournaments. If you cannot refrain your urge to instantly down rate because of 'private server', I wish to remind you that all private players once were retail players as well (some with more experience than others), difference is merely that private players don't fully agree with blizzards newest invention - cataclysm.

I have been rank 1 now for the past three seasons, both in 2s and 3s, as different specs and comps. I encourage everyone who's watching this to join in and aid in strengthening the competition as well as the community.

In addition to this I feel that it has to be mentioned how wow-icons such as Hydra, Kalimist, Raiku, Khuna, Marmeladx, Flyn, Ziqo and many more have and are still participating in 3v3 tournaments on this server.

I hope you'll enjoy this movie for I certainly did producing it. What I can promise you is that Noaa 2 will contain exclusive footage with big retail icons. More will be disclosed in the future.

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