Symphonia G7 Heroic Lich King 10m by Duoh
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Turalyon ( Stormstrike )
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I originally recorded this video just for myself, and my guild to see. I had no intention of bringing it here. Well, something brought me to WCM tonight, and here I am uploading the video.

It's my first time editing anything, and for what the video was intended for, I think it came out alright.

A couple times during recording, it stopped recording for some reason. You will see there is not much of phase 3 at all. I actually had to open my video recording settings and change it to a lower resolution to finish recording. You will notice lesser quality on the scene where Terenas resurrects everyone. I'm pretty sure it was because of how the wow client records videos, it requires a lot of free space, and I "only" had 200gb free, or something like that.

If you guess the soundtrack before the credits, you're a badass.
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