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Hello everyone, Klauz here with an coler tutorial.

Sadly i was slow to upload this one before Mintii did, but i got four awesome effect that i wanna share with you all

I have speeded up this movie, if you think its too fast for you, just pause it and just copy what i have done, it's some REALLY nice color effects in this tutorial :)

Well i guess i shall try to ge too the song list now :)

The Prodigy - Narayan
The Prodigy - Weather Experience
counterstrike - cant let go (tza remix)

PS: if u wanna see how the clips will looks like after u done with editing them, skip too 14:19 :)

PSS: Some of the clips if not all clips are kinda "laggy" when u watch the finals thats kinda my bad, had 10-20 fps while i frapsed, but wanted to show how much this four effects can really do too your clip

Well thats me done for now. :)

Hope you all enjoy it

forgot something, all was frapsed on if anyone do care x)
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