Stirry - Fiery mage PvP! by Kebabmanx
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravenholdt ( Misery )
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Movie Summary

I got a new PC and I thought frapsing is fun. I always sort of wanted to make a PvP movie, but never really could because I couldn't play with fraps on at all.

So consider this my first PvP movie (excluding some random clips I've made back in teh days) content frapsed and edited and rendered in 2 days lol, so be gentle!

What to expect:
-A fairly average mage
-Battlegrounds and tiny bit of w-pvp
-Nothing too fancy
-Half-assed editing and some "common ways of personalizing characters" through editing
-A short movie

What NOT to expect:
-Dubstep music
-A mega autism skilled mage with superhuman reflexes and 0,00% mistakes and mega awesome superman clips
-Arena PvP (Hey, fire mage and holypala movie should come out next!)

Tried to make the movie somewhat entertaining and I hope it's worth a watch. Enjoy!


Hello, been celebrating midsummer like all the real finns do, so I've not been able to check out the load of comments and stuff till now!

Some questions answered here:

"What's the soundtrack?"
It's seen in the end of the movie, but hey!

Hinder - Born to be wild
AC/DC - Back in Black
Top Gun soundtrack - Danger Zone
Robocop theme

"What addons are you using in this movie?"
Xperl with "stealable buffs" mode enabled.
Milks scrolling combat text

Most of all, thanks for the great feedback I've gotten this far.
I will use the tips and stuffs in the comments to make better movies!

I will start working on a Stirry 2 soonish. It will hopefully have improved editing (yeah, I sort of suck in that!), but better clips and cleaner UI! (The scrolling combat text is gonna have to go for the next movie.)

Stay tuned!

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