Thastor 7 - WLD 2.7k War PoV. by Thastor
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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First of all: My blog. Go check it out!
Now to movie description.

Hello! I've finally got my new major PvP video done.
Gotta say im really glad how it ended up. Few things id like you to let you know before watching it. Its only Arena. Usually in my videos i've had Duels and some few crits from BG:s just to spice things up. This time its only 3on3. Its Mostly WLD or WLD with a shaman. Also we tried WLD with spriest aswell seemed really good, the WLD spriest clips are all frapsed in the last 2 weeks :)

But yeah what to expect: Only 3on3 arena.
Some clips on my alts too but its 95% Warrior Pov Arena.

I also do weekly videos here: , its highlights from my PvP Adventures in the last week. I got 9x 85's with full vicis so its not ONLY warrior. Anyway I hope you enjoy this video and my future videos to come.
Untill next time,
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