Last Resort vs Beth'tilac by Gemt
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Kazzak ( Misery )
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Our third heroic boss down of the week, there will be a triple PoV video of Lord Rhyolith coming out in a few days, and one with Shannox when I get arround to do it.

Bet'thilac heroic should probably be considered the first "challenging" fight in Firelands, and is very nicely tuned. We had a steady progression trough all the wipes and could clearly see we were making progress, just as it should be. It gave a good feeling to kill it after several low wipes, as well as one or two that would have been a kill, did Beth'tilac not heal in phase transition.

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Size: 763mb
Length: 10:14min
Resolution: [email protected]
Point of View:
Gemt - Fury Warrior

Beverly Hills 90210 theme (intro)
Celdweller - Birthright (Birthwrong remix by Blue Stahli) (intro)
Tomandandy - Tokyo
Rise Against - Injection
David Garrett - Smooth Criminal
k9 - ????
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