Shadow priest PVP (Vanilla) by Zzi
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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In a way, vanilla can be thought as the wild west of World of Warcraft. Class weren't that balanced, everything was allowed. I took the challenge and re-adventured through this era following only one rule - kill everyone on sight by ANY MEANS.

Warning: You should reconsider watching this movie if you don't like

* Vanilla
* EXCESSIVE use of engineering and different trinket combinations unique to vanilla. (E.g. one iron grenade per every clip is used).
* Overpowered class
* World PvP (+ few additional duels and one clip of vanilla 2v2 arena)

For entertainment purposes. Hope you like it. :-)

Filmed on Project Feenix
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