Alca and Vurtne Burning Crusade by Alca
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Eredar ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Incase people missed it and I wasnt the uploader here on warcraftmovies, I wanted to reupload this movie.

Itīs Season 1 and 2 Double Mage World PvP.
We tried to make a movie together, but I forgot to fraps the best scenes we recorded, this is what I have left.

This was an editing Preview of Vurtne, how it could look like, he played abit around in vegas (for some minutes, lol)

Highly recommended to check:

Mirror 2: the Preview Vurtne made

Alca 6 the first 2 scenes or here: More Scenes

I added a youtube stream from someone who uploaded it there (720p) and a download mirror @megaupload.

Check my old movies, reuploaded them all:

Alca 6 - (Wotlk 2on2)

Alca, Trigz and Another Triple Mage 3on3 (Wotlk)

Alca 5 (Wotlk Patch LvL70)

Alca vs Trigz Mage vs Mage (TBC)

Alca 4 (TBC)

Alca 3 (Vanilla Elemental, my own favorite)

Alca 2 (Crit Built Vanilla)

Alca 1 (Crit Built Vanilla)
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