Resurgance PvP : RECKONING REBORN by Skylite
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Dragonmaw ( Reckoning )
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Skylite's Arena Team 1
Vladimplaer Resurgance
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*****This Videos actually Made The horde guild PK on Dragonmaw SErver fear Resurgance and they refuse to World PvP with him*****

Resurgance is back one final time in his no-holding-back movie of his PvP Pwnage. He takes out everyting From, Mages to Ret pallys in a Winer take all Format, ALMOST ALL of his Opponents are from Horde, Dragonmaw!!!! SO YOU PEOPLE WATCHING FROM THAT SERVER miight just see a friend, or foe, Meet his demise at the HAnd of Resurgance The next Grievous Christ!!

Resurgance LVL 85 ret/Prot pally
Full PvP gear Ilvl 374
Devil's Pride guild
Fraps/Sony Vegas

Music is listed at End of film

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