Most amazing title ever. Zwarn - the begininginging by Zwarn
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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all glads mmr abuse
Zwarn Bridgey
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Wsup ,
First movie , first attempt at spending more than 5 mins in sony vegas , terrible druid , clueless about arena.

ok now that i've summerized what this movie is about . ENJOY!

On a serious note , this is the first time i've ever tried to make anything for warcraftmovies and its really old footage.
Its more of a shameless promotion though.

These are some arenas at about 1900-2k mmr that i've put to clean my hdd from the pre 4.2 footage i gathered , if you enjoy it let me know , i do realize that i m terrible at playing a feral druid.

Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel (jesus this is becoming too mainstream :) ) -

It helps me alot and i m uploading stuff there regurarly with voiceover or just some random music. Thanks.

Music list :

Chase and Status - Fire in your eyes
Stellamara - prituri se planinata (nit grit remix)
Nyan cat dubstep remix
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