Chronicles of a Newbie: Chapter 2 Meeting New People by DarkNessBear
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Movie Summary
The second installment of the Chronicles of a Newbie has been released!

In World of Warcraft, it is known that meeting new people can be an exciting and scary time in every newbies life. And in Chapter 2, the NEnub leaves his rusty spoon behind and sets off in hopes of finding someone "special" and gains a few friends on the way...

I have worked on this for a while, and I hope you all enjoy it and it's well worth the Download.
*If you haven't seen Chapter 1 I reccomend you viewing it because it lets you get familiar with the character, and if you did not like Chapter 1, I reccomend viewing this one cause it is what I wanted Chapter 1 to be! *

Again... if you can only hear sound but no video (video plays right at start) then Download the DIVX codec from this link:

And be sure to update your Windows Media Player.
(I also added a Credits txt in the zip file incase you want to know who exactly did what... im DarkNessBear)

I reccomend staying till the end! To see a peak at what the next chapter is bringing!!
Thank you again! And happy hunting fellow Newbies!
My AIM is: DarkNessBearX

Check out the official CHRONICLES OF A NEWBIE MYSPACE:
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