Mage Macros/Addon Guide by Jíro
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Decurse Teamate: Removes Curse without losing your target
/cast [target=Peanůtz] remove curse (Replace peanutz with your team member)

Blink: Stops whatever your casting to blink away
/cast Blink

Focus Deep Freeze: Deep Freezes your focus target without losing current target
#showtooltip Deep Freeze
/cancelaura Ice block
/cast [target=focus, exists] [ ] Deep Freeze

Focus Counterspell: Counterspell's your focus target
#showtooltip Counterspell
/cast [target=focus, exists] [ ] Counterspell

Focus Polymorph: Polymorphs your focus target
#showtooltip Polymorph
/cast [target=focus, exists] [ ] Polymorph

Ice Block: Stops casting and ice blocks hit it again and it will cancel ice block
#showtooltip Ice block
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block

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