Flaw 5 by Flaw
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Archimonde ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
Hello and welcome to yet another chapter of the Flaw Series. Now I know what you're thinking. "Didn't he already make a farewell video?" Yes I did, but I never expected such a great response from you guys. I knew I wanted to quit, but it didn't feel right ending it with a thrown together video. So I decided to make another vid to express my gratitude.

I gotta say this movie has proven more difficult to make than any other movie. I must have rendered it at least 10 times with constant errors. Anyone who has rendered a movie can tell you, its a very long process and very frustrating when it doesn't work. That being said, there is a brief moment where the screen goes black, but after the constant errors I was getting, I was just happy it finally finished.
What to expect :

Battleground Footage... I tried for hours to get world pvp footage, but my server is even more dead than ever. The handful of people I did find simply let me kill them and were more concerned with their dailys. I figured the only way to get any entertaining fights were in BG's. That being said, I tried to only show clips of me and me only, no team assistance, to make it as close to world pvp as possible.

What not to expect:

Duels... They are extremely one sided right now and not even slightly entertaining in my honest opinion. You don't want to see me reset the fight with vanish and recuperate until I win trust me.

Arenas... My shaman decided to quit wow shortly after I got my rating back up and never had a chance to record.


Song list:
Teddybears - No More Michael Jackson
T.V. On The Radio - DLZ
Hooray For Earth - True Love
Bright Eyes - The Ladder Song

There is two things I really wanted to get across in this video, the use of focus outside of arena, and to truly pay homage to a handful of past rogues in a more creative way. I made a mouse over focus macro this time to reduce the need to switch targets. As for paying homage, well I think thats pretty self explanatory once you watch it.

There are a few less chain kills compared to Flaw 4, but there are some. This movie overall is a much more technical video though as long as you are paying attention. (Especially to my focus)

Oh and, it's a girl! ;)

Looking for similar music? Here's a few resources I use to find these songs.

If you have Sirius/XM Radio,check out SiriusXMu (35) and Altnation (36)

Here's a website that you can find their playlist on if you dont have XM Radio.


Here are some other websites I use.


And of course, the Grooveshark channel I created found here on WCM or http://grooveshark.com/#/playlist/Flaw+undo+s+Playlist/55504929

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