Haunted Heavens Promotional movie by Pulverpadda
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Hope u'll enjoy our new promo movie, so take a look and leave a comment, rating or both on what u think of it. Maybe u'll want to join :)

Song: New beginnings by Future World Music :)

Haunted Heavens is a casual level 25, Alliance located guild. Our primarily goal is 25 man raiding.

Start of raiding week is:
Sunday = 25 man (Extended if not cleared and progress)
Monday/Tuesday = Continuing 25 man
Wednesday = Baradin Hold 25, other raids
Thursday-Saturday = 10 man continuations, old raids, PvP

Raid loot system is EPGP and counts only for 25 man raids.

The guild is mainly a comunity guild and managed to migrate with almost all members. If you don't like the social part of the game and prefere the loot more, then this guild is not meant for you :)

Guild Contacts:
Mayumí (Hunter) - Guild Master
Tagster (Rogue) - Bank item management and guild item selling
Needrage (Druid) - Ventrilo management
Kházy (Mage) - Auctioneer and banker
Carajo (Death Knight) - Achievements and old raids organization also PvP organization
Magffs (Warrior) - Tanking and raid leading organization
Abeline (Death Knight) - Home page and forum management
Aiur (Mage) - Raid leading and non official raid organization
Tarho (Druid) - Kick master!
Thekrons (Druid) - Recruitment management

Apply at:

Additional information and progress:



Song is New beginnings by Future World Music :)
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