FrostMage 142k dmg OP burst in 4s by kigiri
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Eldre'Thalas ( Vengeance )
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On passe le time
Teucha Fistouh
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c bientot noel
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Believe it or not math are good
Oh and btw i'm at 4153 resi (41% reduce damage) on my drood. so it's not like i'm in pve gear and he isn't either :( (he just got pve legs)

I'm not in a deep freeze actualy my mate is so yeah...
Now keep in mind it's a fun video and the mage was very lucky on all crits ;)

And yeah for those of you taht will say wtf was yiou doing olol drood feral burst OP etc etc keep in mind i'm not claiming anything the mage just got lucky RNG here and either I or my mate didn't expect seeing me dying that fast so we was both pretty suprise by the event.

I was actualy running out of the line of sight of the mage while adding hot on my self since he Deep my mate i didnt tought i would take that much damage lol

next thing you know i'm dead so yeah i could have survive to this but it was just a funny WTF moment ^^
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