OWNED Swifty & Athene for Charity by Braindeadly
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Darkspear ( Nightfall )
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Braindeadly's Arena Team 1
Braindeadly Jimos
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Some matches VS Swifty & Athene while they were Livestreaming for Charity(click here to Subscribe to me for future Vids), hopefully this will get projects like http://gamersoutreach.org/ and the Haitian Project more awareness which shows gamers in a different light.

Click here for Facebook pics with many great YouTubers like Athene, Swifty etc

Gamer's Outreach - (A non-profit organization who's goal is to raise funds for charities through gaming) http://gamersoutreach.org/

The Haitian Project - (An initiative gathering several well known youtubers that will lead an expedition to bring much needed food, supplies, well drilling equipment, and other necessities to an area of Haiti that desperately needs it).

There is a donate button on http://www.gamersoutreach.org

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