10 Druids in Blackwing Descent of Druids of the Beast by Monsterbaby
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Shadowsong ( Cyclone )
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The button spammer is back, and now we have finished our first video with commentary in it!

This video shows how we managed to get through Blackwing Descent with 10 druids - describing what advantages and challenges we face, being only druids in Blackwing Descent.

The run and video has been done over several runs, and is not the same group. So the playstyle and dps improved radically through the video.

During Magmaw it is said how it is one of our first bosskills, that is not entirely true, since it is one of the first CATACLYSM bosskills, but not overall, since we have actually been raiding since vanilla. This is what was ment in the video, however it is not being announce very clear. Again, it is the first time ever we have commentary on our videos, so it is new for everyone :)

The video has been entirely done by Monsterbaby, same with the recording - unfortunately the only recording has been done from a tank's point of view.

I hope you will all enjoy the video. If there are any questions or thoughts you would like to share, feel free to ask.

And REMEMBER! Foul language, trolling and advertising is not allowed. Be constructive! Lets keep this awesome site clear of trolls and flamers :)
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