Mourning of Hallow's End by warriorpaxo
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Movie Summary
My first machinima!! phew!!.. holy shit that was alot of work lol!
so the premise here is Paxo has lost his wife she was cooked alive by deathwing while herbing in and around goldshire the 2 always wanted but never got a child... blah blah blah he's drinking himself stupid in bar in first scene
....ur up to speed

my channel
huge thanks to n3rkmind for making his series machinima tutorials
without which this wouldnt be done so soon if at all
thanks alot to these guys for epic music this song is what inspired this video

be sure to like fav and sub if you wanna see more like this !!!

all made using only
fraps to record, machinima tool, wow model viewer, adobe after effects , and sony vegas... and of course World of Warcraft
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