A Tribe Called World of Warcraft (Vanilla Mage PvP) by Nemefist
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Test Server US
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Hi everyone! This is just a small world pvp video that I was filming over the summer. Just some random skirmishes in various areas around azeroth. There is a bit of a twist to this one: all of my spells are swapped to look differently. I'll add a list of what everything is swapped to below, so that none of you are confused. I was going for a cyclone-based theme, so most of my spells are swapped to look like cyclones. I did this mainly because WoW is an old game, and I wanted to add a bit of a new life into it. I didn't want this to end up being "just another mage pvp video".

List of modified spells:
frostnova / frostbite - blue cyclone, pretty much any time a player is frozen, there will be a blue cyclone
improved scorch - the debuff applies a red cyclone to the target
ice block - grey cyclone, looks like TBC cyclone
blink - thunderfury effect, swirls of cyclones come out at feet and electric shock
blizzard - hurricane druid spell
cold snap - electric shock
ice barrier - arcane power
counterspell - earth shock
arcane explosion - thunderclap / warstomp
cone of cold - grey / dark cone of cold
polymorph - turns target into a cyclone looking mob.

My gear is swapped as well. It looks like Atod's gear in his elemental shaman video. This is my tribute to him. In-game gear is 6/8 dungeon 2 and other various blues. I had 230 spell damage when I recored this video.

Spec is here (31 frost / 20 fire): http://www.wowprovider.com/?talent=11215875_8_8r55232d3h5053230102051301

This video was edited by Vabaduce. If you would like information on songlist, contact Vabaduce via youtube and or warcraftmovies.

The editor's youtube channel is: Youtube.com/vabaduce
The player's youtube channel is Youtube.com/netherfist

This video was filmed on the Feenix Warsong 1.12.1 server.
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