Pro PUG Society [Heroic: Ragnaros] 10man (Rogue PoV) HD 1080p by Bhadrakali
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Warsong ( Ruin )
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note: so we made our way pre-nerf to this raid boss - by that time there was no realm first yet in warsong -and, after several losses of players, we did finally reform our raid core with special fellows. thus, managing to grab the realm 3rd. a bronze medal that shines like gold for all who struggled badly for it. hopefully, deathwing wont be a "corebreaker" likewise. ;) hope you guys like this video. don't forget to turn up the volume and freak out! comments appreciated.

< Pro PUG Society > is a casualcore 10man guild - Warsong (US).

Raid Setup for the encounter:

Politta - protection warrior
Beerk - protection paladin
Holyrocks - holy paladin
Bartoloko - discipline priest
Propulse - arcane mage
Mariannee - marksmanship hunter
Sankaku - balance druid
Indead - demonology warlock
Strongz - frost death knight
hadrakali - combat rogue

Credits/Creative commons - World of Warcraft is a of Blizzard Entertainment. Video Soundtrack: Mr. Big - Burn (Deep Purple Cover); Papa Roach - Burn; Ewan Dobson - Marli; Luisa Maita - Lero-lero. ALL RIGHTS reserved to the respective owners. Video edition by nj.marabuto (hadrakali)
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