ZAMOUN 2 - Arena Tournament by Sante
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Sante's Arena Team 1
Jafarr Elenthier
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Lock your door and prepare yourself for something awesome! Cause this is not like any other pvp movie out there, this is... ZAMOUN 2!

Please read this longest description ever made to get more information about the movie. Also don't judge the movie if you haven't seen it fully, it gets better every minute.

Originally I was going to make a lvl 85 retail movie, but my friend quitted the game and I can't stand playing alone with randoms. We
have been playing on AT private server for quite a while, but never really thought about making a movie on AT. When more and more movies started to be from AT and downrating cause of private server is almost non-existant anymore, I felt like my time had come.

Now you may think why on earth would I make a movie of 2v2 only, isn't it the worthless bracket? On AT top 5 from 2v2 or 3v3 will get
gladiator title, so on this awesome server 2v2 is not worthless. I could've put some 3v3 footage aswell, but I wanted this to be like a very insightful movie about what it takes for our setup to get to the very top.

And yes, this is a shadowpriest rogue 2v2 arena movie. Now a lot people assume that all sp rogue need to do is faceroll... then please
tell me why are we the only sp rog on the server to ever got gladiator title? I'm not writing this to brag, I'm writing this to make a point. The reason me and my partner play as sp rogue is that we simply like faster games more than longer ones. And when it comes to the movie, I also think that it's more entertaining to watch sp rogue than disc rogue. Don't get me wrong, disc rogue can be very entertaining to watch, but it really comes down to what setup your facing.

Before you start flaming that we kill people during stuns, I need you to notice something. There are a lot of clips where my partner runs with PVE gear and has only 636 resilience and in those clips we are also both humans to max our dmg. The damage difference between normal PVP gear and PVE gear is HUGE, specially if we get a clean opener. To make it easier for you to notice when he is in which gear, all you need to do is check wether he has 26K+ hp (PVE gear with buffs) or 28K+ hp (PVP gear with buffs). Pretty much everytime he plays as "Jafarr" he uses PVE gear.

In this movie you will not hear any dubstep, only trance. I wanted to use songs that people haven't heard before just like in my very first movie. I am aware though that one of the songs I used has been used before, but I felt like it was perfect for that particular part of the movie. So yes, the movie has trance only (except intro and outro) and I do hope you will find some of these songs awesome, just like I did when I first heard them.

Music used:

Hans Zimmer - Parlay
DJ Merlin - The Human Spirit
Dutch Force - Deadline
Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down
Sinatic - Above The Horizon
Digger - Church of Ra
Hans Zimmer - The Brethren Court

Now you probably noticed that the intro is actually shot in cataclysm. The only reason for this is that the water looked so much better in cata xd. Also in cata my rogue is undead, so therefore we made an alt team where we were UD's only just for the sake that in the intro we were UD's and it would've looked odd that I was UD in the intro and then boom all the sudden I was human xd. That's why you will see both UD's and humans in this movie. (gives you an idea of how much effort I've put into this movie)

-Special thanks to Shynes for helping me with the intro

All the footage you see here was frapsed all throughout last season and the opponents in this video should all be from top 20 at the the time the match was frapsed. So basicly it took me 2 months of frapsing and then I had to pick which ones to use in the movie. When it comes to editing, there is hardly any. But I still tried
my best and think I managed to do a very good job.

Since me and my partner don't speak english in skype, I had to put subtitles to the skype part. I went with the same style that Tehseus used in one of his videos, because I think it's the best way. So hopefully I don't get copyrighted trololol? xd

Before this movie I made 4 AT "videos" only to test out different render settings and their impact on the quality once uploaded to the site. Back then I didn't know I could've done that without really releasing anything... But the bottom line is that you can write and rate whatever you want on them because for me they were just
quality tests. Incase you want to watch my first movie, keep in mind that on today's standards its pretty bad compared to what it was back in season 7 (atleast in my opinion ;p)

The story behind the name "ZAMOUN" goes like this. Almost 2 years ago I released my very first movie and this is pretty much what happened:

"Hey, what name should I use for my movie?"
"It doesn't matter, just put ZAMOUN xd"
"Why on earth would I use that, it's retarded"
"Cause when people see ZAMOUN on the site they'll be like "wtf is this" and click on it to see what the hell is it xd"

So apparently his idea didn't work so well since the movie got like only 30k views xd. But it can also be that I decided to release it on new year. Although more views would've been appreciated, I still decided to continue with the name xd. Maybe this time it'll work who knows xd

This movie was rendered in 1920x1080 at 60 fps and 6000 bitrate using nolan's rendering tutorial. You probably look at the file size and be like "DAAAAAMN!" xd But if you like the video, I do recommend you to download it since the quality is insane, trust me. C'mon it's under 2 gigs it's not that bad xd (seriously tho it's not that bad ;o) If your unfamiliar with filefactory, just scroll all the way down and press the slow download meter.

Now if you had the strength to read this description all the way from up THERE to down HERE, I think you should also write a comment on this video now that you still have some strength in you ;p

I'm most probably going to change my name on AT, so if you want to add me to your friendlist for some reason, I suggest you to do it now before you end up adding someone else.

In the end of my first movie's description I promised to make another movie if the movie was successful... I have now kept my promise, but I don't think I can make that same promise again... Because now, looking at this movie I've made, I really don't think I could ever top this one. But maybe one day... I might return...

Oh I almost forgot, the best tactic vs DK Paladin is to leave the arena =)

EDIT: For more information about the server visit
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