A fire-mage can deal dmg too! by Water1990
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Blackmoore ( Glutsturm )
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~Fire mage bombing in AV zergs~

Dedicated to all this "arcane is op"-videos/posts!
A fire-mage can deal hilarious dmg in av's... so much that he can easily double or even triple the dmg of every other gamer inside this bg.

I still don't think fire is op... bombing isn't really important in pvp and thats the same with arcane! The arcane specc can be hard in rated bg's but both (arcane and fire!) suck compared to frost
A frost shatter will always hit as hard as arcane strike and a frost bold(1,8 sec cast?) hits higher than pyroblast(3,8 secs cast)

Since the Cataclysm-patch fire and arcane suck hard!

sorry for the editing...fraps broke during the making of this video so I couldn't include a lot modelviewer

00:01 - 00:18 you can see how I start zerging with 100% chance for a pyroblast procc

Song: Smooth-Treasure

[email protected]: I already rerendert the video to change the solution and a bit editing but due to some upload-fails i stay with this version

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