New Paper Zappelin Trick (Stealthknock) by Bonesplitter
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Almost evryone knows the old trick of the Paper Zappelin, its the Swarm of 1 Paper Zappelin bug. I would have put it in my vid aswell but I found out it already existed (stupid me :D).

I found out a new trick that involves a Paper Zappelin, the way to do it is to throw the Paper Zappelin to somone when he is not yet in stealth. Then during the duel if you would be running around he would get knocked out of stealth (I call it Stealthknock).

By showing your aponent you can easily target him and run away or kill him if melee. I don't use it myself I just do it to somtimes bug other ppl (I do exuse myself). I heard ppl liked this trick so to make it realy my own I made a vid which I am placing on youtube and warcraftmovies.

This trick can be done on Druids, Rogues, Shadowmelders. I have tried it on Mages and Hunters but it failed too badly :(. Enjoy the video and I will try to find out more tricks and post PvP vids in next patch with full gear of my Druid and Shaman (and maybe other characters).

Music: Mange Schmidt - Ledig
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