Multi-class lvl 60 twink PvP by Brad
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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I've recently quit playing wow, and have been working on a 'farewell' video. My twink account ran out of subscription before I could get the clips I'd like, so I decided to make a small mash-up of some of the clips I had. I only spent about 2 hours on the edit, but for some reason I really enjoy it, and I figured some of you would also. These 3 twinks are mine:
Andreiv - 60 warrior Stormreaver US
Dreivs - 60 mage Stormreaver US
Kormix - 60something hunter Spinebreaker US (my first, ex-twink)

As far as 60 frost mages go (and frost mages at any level), it's simply stupid. I played frost to 'get back' at somebody pissing me off, otherwise I played fire. I didn't have fire clips, and I was deliberately frost for the purpose of getting wrecking ball.

I no longer care enough to explain why I enjoy 60 twinking / why it's fun. If you can't enjoy it, I really, really don't care.

What's the best part of 4.3? "not playing."

Song: Dream on Dreamer - In August
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