Sbkzor I by Sbkzor
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Sbkzor's Arena Team 1
Visionx / Sbkzor Karimlul / Itchilolz
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Sbk - Still playin Series vol.1

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Hi everyone,

Im still working hardly on my next movie (Sbkzor vol IV extinction) but I thougt I should give some news about me.
Then I decided to fraps, kinda randomly, few games, this week.
I didnt edited cuz it 's not really important imo

U can consider this video as a mix of games.
Btw, Im still playin with Itchi (my main mate).

- Comps: RD/RP/RM/WP/WD
- Guest players:
Kakashiiqz, Emfy ft. Thael

New tricks for SP/R by Sbk Shadowfiend Interven -
(it was never shown in movies, and i never heard smt about it before to do it) This thing is so usefull when warriors are tryin to avoid a new open on their mates.

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1. Parano - Husky
UD_DiscoBallMusic (wow mpq)
2. Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)
3. Parano Jahta7 Redemption
4. Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix)

Thanks to Itchi, ZOR Gaming, and Arena Tournament.


PS: notice the 15 firsts seconds of the movie were the WCMPromo, but it vanished during the rendering, idk why.

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