Halvonis Shaman Pvp! by Joel Bowers (Halvonis)
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Twisting Nether ( Shadowburn )
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Movie Summary
Hey guys its halvonis here and yes im posting a new video this features my shaman Halvonislipz from the Twisting Nether relm together to the top guys go and find some rising youtube stars and let emm know you like there videos.

My Twitter- www.Twitter.com/halvonis
My Twitch.tv- www.Twitch.tv/Halvonis
My other Youtube pages- www.Youtube.com/Halvonisirl www.Youtube.com/Halvonis
My Warcraft Movies- http://warcraftmovies.com/pv.php?l=halvonis
Email me at [email protected]
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