Exploration: NoFatigue and World Map by Tenetri
Class: Priest | Category: Underground | Server : US - Thunderlord ( Vindication )
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This video shows the exploration of Water. How to get to that place out in the water that you can't get to beacuse of fatigue. Theres a trick tho, you won't get your level 60 there.

This also shows the location of GM Islands, Outlands, Developers Isle and random stuff. All of these still exist on playable servers. If you have the ability to go there then these would be the places that you would teleport to. With GM abilites ofcourse.

Theres many more places you can go. In the yAtlas program you will be able to see 2-3 more things that I didn't point out. Little extra zones on the map that don't exist.

You can use the WoWMapView.exe (google search) to view the developers isle, GM isle and outlands. I didn't put any of them in the video because I didn't want to spoil anything for anybody. So have fun with that program.

Hope you enjoy my movie, I put it togeather in a few hours. Re-rendered alot. Had fun making it.

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