Hirnfrost 7 : Arena Tournament (1v2 rated arena) by Hirnfrost
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aegwynn ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
sup guys, this movie ONLY consists of rated 1v2 footage taken from arena-tournament.com

Rating is about 1400 MMR

Tracks :

Three Doors Down - By my Side
Three Doors Down - So i Need you
Three Doors Down - Smack
Egypt Central - Locked & Caged
Prime sth - 24 song
Tiger Army - Where the Moss slowly grows
Nomy - Self Therapy

I tend to do mistakes. Sometimes. Forgive me my humanity :)

The opponents are, surely, not best of the best. If i recognize during a battle, that the Dk e.g. doesn't pummel at all, i also stop to fakecast myself to death.

That being said, i find 1v2 arenas still more challenging than bg pvp / open pvp. Simply because the opponents are prepared to get into a pvp situation and are aware of it. Also, they use every cooldown.

Its rendered in half size only due to performance. Im not sure why, but vegas fucked up a few parts, where the tempo changes / transitions are too fast but nvm. It takes ages to render it again :)

Have fun with this one.
I'm always up for criticism and wishes concerning future videos ( about footage )
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