Sbkzor Still playin' Series vol.2 by Sbkzor
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Sbkzor's Arena Team 1
Visionx / Sbkzor Karimlul / Itchilolz
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Sbk - Still playin Series vol.2

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During the VERY VERY LONG making of my main movie (
Sbk IV: Extinction), I decided to make some other movies to show that I didnt stopped my project.

I choose to name this serie of video "Still Playin Series".

Those video, of my youtube chanel (plz suscribe hehe) will show you what I am basicly doing when I'm playin wth my main mate.

PS: Btw "karimlul" is a trollnick. We're both french.


This movie has been recorded in around 75minutes of playing. I sincerely apologize about the AoE of Rogue/Priest team, but it seems to be the favorite comp of players atm^^

- Guest players:
Nate ft. Toldo

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1. Borialis - Holocaust
2. Korn - Word Up
3. The Kennedy Soundtrack - Dark Dayz
4. Borialis - Donīt Mean A Thing

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