Eelda 2 - MM Hunter 2200+ 2v2 w/ Feral Druid & Arms Warrior by Eeldalol
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Eeldalol's Arena Team 1
Eeldalol Drýzdk
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Eeldalol's Arena Team 2
Shkabo Eeldalol
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Hi guys, thought i would make a video showing some 2v2 footage from this season, dont expect good editing, mainly raw footage showing 2v2 with a Feral Druid and Arms Warrior.

We managed 2200+ on both teams , i also in include a KFC game @ 2470mmr. Also dont expect perfect gameplay as i never rly take 2s seriously lol...

Anyways enjoy the movie!


Tidy plates & threat plates - for nice looking nameplates
Sexy Map Simple Square - for nice looking map
Prat 3.0 - more options with text
Cerror - removes annoying red errors (didnt use in vid tho)
Blizzfacade - for sleek bars
Buttonfacade: Muq - skin for bars

fontain - allows u to change to any font u like , to add a font createa folder named "Fonts" in world of warcraft directory and download "Dorispp" from google and paste in ther, thats what i use and fontain will auto detect :)

Doom_cooldownpulse - flashes spells rdy in middle
Losecontrol - displays cc timer on photo portraits
omnicc - cd count for everything
power auras classic - to see big iceblock cd at top of screen etc
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