The Last Storyteller by Turkeydipking
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This here is my first ever machinima created for a school project.
The process was very painful, let me say that to start off with. First I worked around 5 months using WoW model viewer and sony vegas but all my work got deleted. I had 3 days to complete it again...
Thank the lord I found machinimastudio... Using that program was very simple and I created this machinima in 3 days.

Now less about techy stuff, more on the actual film.

The film tells the story of the Last Storyteller. Storytellers were a clan of "magicians" so to say that could create all works of fiction. They wrote books, they created the legends and myths we all knew, etc.
They lived peacefully among people until technologies started to arise. Such as television, computers, cell phones. They were no longer required as the government wanted to get rich off these new products. They were ordered to be killed.
Find out what happens with the last storyteller in this short, amateur clip!

Hope you enjoy it!
Please leave constructive criticism, I know it's not Oxhorn quality ;)

Having said this, this will most likely be my last machinima... I had a lot of work ( if you want to read about it) put into it and I don't see myself doing it all again.

The song used at the end is "Nemo" by Nightwish

Link to my YouTube:
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