Arena Footage ft. Winwin & Ninjadude by Loud Pipes EU
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Laughing Skull ( Conviction )
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Loud Pipes EU's Arena Team 1
Winwin Ninjadude
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To avoid any more confusing. We are looking for feedback about the layout of the video. We will release a longer (and skill-based) video when I am used to play a hunter.
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My mate and I finally decided to start recording our 2v2 games. They are not flawless since I've been playing Hunter for less than a month and my mate just changed most (if not all) of his keybinds.
With other setups, we have been at 2.4k 2v2 rating and almost 2.2k in 3v3 with an undergeared resto shaman. We're currently looking for a healer, so it should soon be possible to get some 3v3 footage!
The MMR in these clips range from 1900-2150 (enemy team).

The reason we're releasing this short video, with only a few games in it, is for two reasons. The first reason being that we don't got that much footage, the second reason is that we want feedback.
Constructive comments are highly appreciated!

Music: Jonny Jack -- Wide Open (Simplex remix)

(Disclaimer: I do not own the music.)
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