Narąt Retri PvP - Feel the Light by Ayoko
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Khaz'goroth ( Verderbnis )
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First of all, i know some people like downrate everything. If so it's ok for me but please be objective and normal so i can learn from it. I am surely not the best editor and i do not like arena since i spent 7 years almost only in random bgs including r14.

The movie contains random PvP only(!). No Arena. I miss the feeling of the old movies on WCM and the community. I personally like this movie and i will keep going on making more movies as long as at least a few ppl will like them and i know some will.

So hope you enjoy. ( and please watch it completely )


Kamelot - The morning after
Puscifer - Undertaker
Prodigy - Wake the f*** up
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