Alterac Valley 40 player Premade by Rachan
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Vashj ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

Q:How can you que up 40 people? Isn't 5 max?
A:5 Is max. However, we are using an addon called "Preform AV Enabler ". This addon allow us to que up at the very same time giving us a 70-80% of getting into the same BG. Done by single person que.

Q:Why are your bars with spells changing all the time?
A:Pressing down Control will change to my "off combat" bar. My key-bind for Swipe is control-Q (since it's used that much in Arenas)

Q:Why are you using the same music as in the "GM Power" video?
A:I'm a coppycat

Q:how do I join these cress-realm pownage?
A:There is 2 topics about it on the wow forums.

Q:How often will the Alliance rage-quit?
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