Return 1 - A Tale of Two Monkeys [4.3 Hunter WPVP/Arena] by Return
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Emerald Dream ( Shadowburn )
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Movie Summary
My first attempt at a pvp video - hunter gameplay from Emerald Dream, RP-PVP server. I don't claim to be the best hunter ever, or even much beyond a 2200 scrub (still click quite a few of my long cooldowns), but decent at thinking on my feet and have a few cool tricks up my sleeve that I show off at points in the video.

The first 6 1/2~ minutes are World PVP, focusing on battles where I am outnumbered (1v2/1v3) and some other unique kills out in the world.

Following that, some 2v2 with feral druids and 3v3 playing jungle cleave - we even run into Tosan & Ayume for a few matches!

I really just wanted to give people a taste of what Emerald Dream is like, and show some video of feral/hunter comps, because they are a lot of fun to play. Comments/criticism/sexy pictures accepted! Tracklist at the end of the video.

Thanks for watching!
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