Chosencaine Episode 6: Cataclysmic Fury PvP by Chosencaine
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Runetotem ( Vengeance )
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Friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike,

As the end of Cataclysm draws near, I have put together a cinematic video showcasing my favorite spec and one of PvPs long forgotten underdogs: Fury!

I have been a proponent of Fury since Vanilla, and indeed warriors have seen a magnitude of changes to both play style and viability from then until now. While the spec brings explosive, sometimes unpredictable damage, as well as a surprising amount of self healing, let me clarify that, as of patch 4.3, Arms will outperform fury in all aspects of the game, PvE included; it saddens me to see the day when there is no real reason besides aesthetic and entertaining choices to spec Fury over Arms.

Fury PvP itself has become a lost art form; it requires end game gear, as well as extensive practice, to be able to stand on its own. While arms can easily dish out excellent sustained damage, Fury is handicapped in that our hardest hitting ability requires an enrage effect, compounded with the increased chance to miss and lack of a reliable healing debuff.

So what are the pros, you ask? Extreme mobility, in the form of intercept with heroic fury, charge out of combat not sharing a cooldown, and reduced downtime on heroic leap. Explosive and sometimes jaw-dropping burst when everything is timed right. Moderate but life-saving self healing, coupled with one of the most underrated survival talents, Die By The Sword.

A few notes:
- Yes, every now and then I am a habitual clicker D:
- Whirlwind is still a fairly powerful single target attack, do not forsake it!
- How do I whirlwind without using whirlwind? Bone Link Fetish.
- I chose 3/3 Incite over Deep Wounds because keeping Flurry up is more important than the damage from Deep Wounds.
- Protect your healers in Bgs, and they will protect you!

And with all that rubbish out of the way, please enjoy

Cataclysmic Fury PvP!
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