Carriedby 1800+ 2v2 Zekhi & Agency by Carriedby
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Agency Zekhi
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Wat to expect :
- Fun 2v2
- Decent gameplay, keep in mind that Zekhi hasnt played hunter since wotlk, and i havent played my druid in 4 months. We're just working back up to wat we used to be capeable of in arena.
Wat not to expect :
- Perfect gameplay
- Rage quiters

We're currently working on getting higher rating than 1800+, due to lack of time to play its taking a while for us to upload footage ! I hope you guys are willing to be patient and just stay tuned for us to work up to R1 Hunter Feral on Cyclone BG. We're having quite difficult times once we reach 1950+ rating due to our lack of gear facing Heroic PVE/T2 cataclysmic multi glads is quite challenging ! But we surely wont give up!

For more Feral Arena/Battlegrounds and Guides, please subscribe to my channel takes a matter of a second !

Be prepared for Zekhi - Hunter 2.7k Exp to join the Carriedby channel !
Armory :
Be prepared for Agency - Druid 2.5k Exp to upload more footage every weekend !
Armory :

Weekend stream coming soon at :
Our youtube channel att :

Music : Chase Status - Time (Memro Remix)
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