Zumio: [Duel Guides] Hunter vs Feral Druid by Zumio
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Only a week after we sent rogues back to the shadows, another stealthy class has arisen! Feral druids are among the toughest classes for a hunter to beat, with incredibly potent damage and quite possibly the best mobility in the game. It took a while for me to formulate a decent tactic versus them, but once I knew the ins and outs of the fight and had a rough idea of how to counter their various abilities, the fight was very simple (but still tough)! One thing I forgot to mention in the video - you MUST use concussive shot glyph versus ferals. Pays dividends!

It's completely understandable that you have problems with ferals - they are perhaps my most requested class to do a guide on, above even rogues and warlocks. Just be sure to follow a practice a few of the techniques that I demonstrate in my video, and even the most seasoned feral will be just another beast to put in your stables!

A screenshot of this project in Sony Vegas 10.0 (hopefully this gives you an insight into how long these guides take to make): http://i.imgur.com/1sfBE.jpg

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3) Ratatat - Wildcat
4) Ratatat - Loud Pipes
5) Orion - KeygenTune2003

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