Schnickncknk #1 INSANE COCKFIGHT PvP for softies by Schnickncknk
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Lordaeron ( Schattenbrand )
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im from germany, its my first wcm but this is rather a "YouNoob" vid,
its an entertaining jukebox with ingame pictures what became insane dumpy and quiet funny sometimes. theres no progaming!

i recorded 2 days of playing random bgs, my personal rbgs cuz sadly there is no rly rbg on my server.
...i also recorded the start of an arena team i made (for points basically) wich helps me, cuz i saw few mistakes from me there as i watched the vids after. surely u guys would find even more failz...
but lets say u can watch me (a decent disc priest) playing some pvp with many rly bad players, no brain attending!
mayb my battlegroup suck more than other idk but i rly hope so cuz i see that theres absolutely no strategy/focus/movement sooo often or even no use of ANY abilities...
i mean: wtf?!
dont believ me? watch!
esspecially bgs are pretty shitty trashy..

and i tell u again, i just recorded 2 days i played, included about 7 hours of gameplay. this sh*t is going on all day long.
on the one hand i get mad of this cuz most teammates doesnt support u in general and at least it is teamplay.

but je btw its quite funny if u understand the song lyrics to this vid,
i also mean the german guys!
but however i hope u enjoy this in any way, i tried to make this crap watchable for curtly 20 mins xP gogo find some lolz!^^



Robocop Jukebox - Marsimoto (Zu Zweit Allein)
Verstrahlt feat. Yasha - Materia (Zum Glück in die Zukunft)
Endboss - Materia (Zum Glück in die Zukunft)
Hahnenkampf - K.I.Z. (Hahnenkampf)
Nichts bleibt mehr feat. Scala - Kool Savas (Aura)


World of Warcraft
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