WoW 3v3 Arena 2200+ RLS/RLP FT. Sacredheals/Ashis by DaBausseGaming
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Thanks for watching! To support me, share my videos with friends, leave me some feedback and thumbs up if you like my videos! So here's just a nice RLS/RLP Mashup I put together, I hope you guys enjoyed the commentary! If you enjoyed the video let me know by thumbsing up and commenting!
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Permission to use music was granted via email:
Their Youtube - (Check them out if you like their music, extremely underrated music creator that throws out some epic songs!)

Song #1 - Rchetype - Justified -
Song #2 Rchetype - Transgressor -
Song #3 Rchetype Feat. Wolfgun - Aero -

Last RLS Games -

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Check out Sacredheals' channel here!:
Interested in some BF3?

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My Thugcleave VS RMP Video:

Thanks for watching, also don't forget to check out my Tehbausse 1 montage -
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